Business & Tourism East Gippsland and East Gippsland Shire Council are pleased to announce that Federation Business School, part of Federation University Australia, will be the new naming sponsor of the East Gippsland Business Awards. Federation Business School has agreed to sponsor the Awards for the next three years, ensuring the continued success of the Awards, which are now firmly established as a key event on the East Gippsland business calendar.
“The decision by Federation Business School to sponsor the Awards is not only great for the event itself, but is also great for East Gippsland as a whole, as there is the potential for this partnership to open up educational opportunities for our young people, which is integral to the future of the region” said Janet Burton, Executive Officer for Business & Tourism East Gippsland.
East Gippsland Shire Mayor, Cr. Joe Rettino, who was instrumental in securing this sponsorship, said:
“I see this as a significant partnership for East Gippsland and Federation University. This allows us to open up dialogue about a range of tertiary possibilities and in partnership create tertiary hubs and centres of excellence in our region, such as food manufacturing and production.”

“The East Gippsland Business Awards recognise our best-in-class businesses.”

“I had an inspiring discussion with Associate Professor and Executive Dean, Federation Business School, Bob O’Shea, around the changes in their Business School curriculum. The emphasis now is on teaching entrepreneurship skills to our youth and future job creators.”

“The Business School is committed to training young people to become job creators, not job takers. This is an important emphasis for us in East Gippsland, particularly to ensure we are encouraging and supporting infrastructure development opportunities that allow us to prepare the next generation for jobs of the future,” added Cr. Rettino.

When asked why the Business School was sponsoring the East Gippsland Business Awards, Associate Professor Bob O’Shea said “It is clearly in line with our mission and vision, which is to make a positive difference to the people, organisations and communities we serve. One of our core aims is to help regional communities to become sustainable places to live, grow, work and raise a family. The ingredients that contribute to sustainable communities are many but one thing for sure is the critical role business plays.”
“Thriving businesses usually mean thriving communities. Business creates jobs…. which creates income…. which leads to spending and re-investment in the community. Jobs lead to family security, access to better health and educational opportunities…..improved wellbeing. So you can see the cycle – thriving business is one of the keys to thriving communities. As part of a regionally based University, we at Federation Business School believe we have a leadership role to play in helping develop local capacity. The East Gippsland Business Awards are an important part of that capacity building process. They celebrate the diversity of our thriving business community and showcase creativity and enterprise. They are a valuable tool to promote business success and publically recognise exceptional achievement. We absolutely want to support that”.

The Federation Business School East Gippsland Business Awards are East Gippsland’s own awards and celebrate the diversity of business operations across the broad geographic range of East Gippsland. The Awards comprise a total of twenty categories to cater for the wide spectrum of small and large business owners and operators in the region, ensuring that every business has the opportunity to enter and be recognised for their contribution and commitment to the current residents and future development of East Gippsland.
The Awards, which are presented by Business and Tourism East Gippsland, are open to all businesses operating in East Gippsland and every business, large and small, is encouraged to enter these Awards, to celebrate their success and be recognised by the community and their peers.

Applications open on Thursday 1 June.