The Lakes Entrance foreshore is the place to be this Sunday for Gippsland Jersey’s fundraising campaign to build a milk processing plant in Lakes.

Denis Gerrard, General Manager Operations for Patties Pies, has generously agreed to donate some of Patties iconic locally produced pies to assist Gippsland Jersey to raise an additional $3,909 to add to the crowd funding campaign, which to date has raised $50,000 out of the needed $100,000 to establish the plant. As a very successful Australian company, Patties knows what it is like to come from humble beginnings and to build a business which is one of the major employers in East Gippsland.

Board member and one of the founding Patties family members, Richard Rijs, said “Small businesses are an inspiration and by the community supporting them, they are actually creating opportunities for increased employment within local economies.”

Patties Pies are the proud sponsors of the New Business category in the 2018 Federation Business School East Gippsland Business Awards and Ian Harrison, Chair of Business & Tourism East Gippsland, said that the donation of pies by Patties was yet another example of the support that Patties shows towards new business ventures in the region.

Ian said “Business & Tourism East Gippsland is pleased to be supporting the crowd funding campaign of Gippsland Jersey’ Sallie Jones, to raise funds for a Lakes Entrance milk factory. This has the potential to create employment and generate business opportunities in Lakes Entrance and the surrounding areas and anything that does this has got to be very positive for our region.”

Pies and Milk Shakes can be purchased at the Lakes Entrance pop-up on the foreshore near the footbridge from Noon– 3:00pm this Sunday, 26 August and local residents and visitors to our region are encouraged to attend and support this event.