Bairnsdale RSL

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Bairnsdale RSL

The RSL was founded in 1916 to provide comradeship and support to Australia’s veterans and families.

The core mission has never changed but has continues to evolve to meet the needs of each generation of servicemen and women.

We have a branch network that covers Australia and any veteran who needs help will get it – every serving ADF members and veteran will be warmly welcomed at their RSL.

We advocate for the best possible conditions for our serving men and women and for those who served the nation in the past.

On addition to this however, we are a community organisation and our community support is wide and varied including:

  • Local sporting Clubs,
  • Educational institutions with grants and scholarships,
  • Emergency services with equipment and funding,
  • Health and Aged Care,
  • Kindred organisations such as Legacy,
  • Other mainstream charities doing great work across Victoria,
  • Disability needs with children (schools).

The RSL network in 2015 in donations and community support total was $5.9 million and over $60 million in Community benefits where allocated.