East Gippsland Marketing Inc.

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East Gippsland Marketing Inc.

Since 2009, East Gippsland Marketing Inc. (EGMI) has been delivering marketing campaigns that drive awareness of the key benefits of visiting, living, working and investing in East Gippsland. Our mission is to maintain and improve social and economic outcomes for East Gippsland with the long-term goal of helping create a self-sustainable and prosperous region.

EGMI is governed by a volunteer Board of Management with a range of skills and experience and a passion for the region. EGMI operates under a four year organisational plan focused on strategic activities that maximise return on investment for the region. EGMI’s strategic focus remains cemented on visit, live, work, and invest in East Gippsland.

To learn more about these initiatives, or be involved, contact us on (03) 5152 3677 or email info@egmi.com.au. By working together we pool our individual strengths and create opportunities to improve the economic environment of all of East Gippsland.


  • (03) 5152 3677