East Gippsland Newspapers

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East Gippsland Newspapers

The local newspapers deliver an audited audience.

The local newspaper reader we know is engaged with the local community, they are part of our connected thinking community.

The Bairnsdale Advertiser has over 11,000 readers on a Monday and Friday every week.

The Lakes Post at Lakes Entrance has over 6,000 readers weekly.

The Snowy River Mail at Orbost has over 3,000 readers weekly.

The East Gippsland News has over 22,000 readers of a Wednesday.

Professor Mark Ritson, Melbourne University/Melbourne Business School says, “Advertisements are welcome in newspapers, we read them.  There is no superior medium. Everybody thinks so, who knows what they are talking about!!  There is a pendulum swinging back. The market will realise they are more powerful than people give them credit for.”