Prime 7

Prime 7 is proud to be a part of the Federation Business School East Gippsland Business Awards. Prime 7 has been a part of the awards since their inception back in 2010.

In today’s media landscape TV is still the number one choice for viewers. TV is about content, not just the cheapo cats on skates from user-generated kind of stuff on a tiny screen, it’s about rich, long-form immersive, engaging, premium, inspirational, addictive, diverting, family gathering, conversational starting, thought provoking, emotion stoking and sometimes simply comforting content.

The TV is in virtually every home in Australia with Free To Air TV delivering the highest daily & weekly reach of any medium in Australia with over 14 million people watching commercial Television daily and hitting over 85% of Australians every week. TV is not going anywhere.

If you are thinking of TV advertising please call Matt Lenartowicz East Gippsland Sale Executive on 0428-157-987.

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