At VicSuper, we think we’re a little different to the rest of the pack.

We are an $20 billion strong profit to member superannuation fund, with over 239,000 members and 22,000 employers. We’re big enough, but not too big that we lose sight of how important it is to give a personalised experience. We’re open to the public and not tied to one particular industry, so anyone in Australia can join. This makes it really easy for our members to stay with us throughout their working lives, and enjoy the many features and benefits that come with VicSuper membership.

With offices in the East Gippsland region for over 10 years – we understand and are committed to supporting regional Victoria. Our team live and work in your area. They are proud to be deeply ingrained with and connected to our regional communities, supporting regional employers and helping to build resilience into your local economy.