East Gippsland Business Awards

Naming Sponsor 2017-2019

Federation Business School, part of Federation University, Australia, is committed to nurturing and supporting future leaders who will create a better world.

The School is one that believes business will have a critical role to play in shaping tomorrow’s world  and will be led by organisations that are courageous, resilient and that thrive on diverse, balanced cultures.

Federation Business School provides an engaging, inclusive learning experience and a destination for students who are passionate about making a positive difference. The School’s unique approach to learning encompasses a fully personalised and supportive teaching environment, authentic engagement with local communities and a commitment to ethical and socially responsible business practices and teaching.  The School’s educators, partners and students all share a commitment to common values, including care for the planet, ethical business practice and social responsibility.

Federation University Australia has a strong history dating back to 1870. They are now a truly international institution welcoming students from diverse backgrounds and cultures via multiple campuses throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. The University is proud of a culture that values students based on their potential. A culture that focuses on helping them exceed their own expectations and achieve success in their professional careers.

Federation Business School takes a personalised approach to learning that recognises the specific challenges for school leavers, mature age and international students and responds with flexibility and supportive study experiences.

Care for the planet, ethical business practice and social responsibility are not ‘nice to have’ electives at Federation Business School, they are a core component of every course. The single-minded focus is on inspiring minds for a better world. The School empowers its students to forge their own bright futures.

Federation Business School ‘walks the talk’ within local communities through authentic partnerships with business and government on sustainability and community development projects. Its highly successful internship programs create a two-way value exchange with local businesses, and often lead to graduates giving back to their communities by becoming key business and civic leaders.

With a personalised and supportive learning culture guided by socially responsible principles, Federation Business School is the School of choice for people determined to make a positive difference for themselves, and their world.


The World Needs a New Kind of Business Leader